Okay… so just what is the point to this blog?  Well, I have lost count of the number of people who have told me “you should write a book” when I tell them stories of our time ‘on the road’ as ‘rock n roll caterers’.  It was fun, it was horrible, it was hard work and it was an incredible experience and lesson in dealing with people from every walk of life and culture.  It made us push ourslves to our limits – but at least we are closer to knowing what our limits are.  Not many people can truly say that.


Obviously there were tours that we had to sign confidentiality agreements for.  I don’t know how long they last for or that anyone really cares about what I am doing.  I just want to share my stories.  I had so many great experiences, and met so many great people that they are my focus.  I respect the privacy of the artists we worked for and won’t disclose any personal details or anything I may have seen or heard that could be controversial.  My stories are just that, stories of things that happened directly to me during our time as roadies.


Enjoy and be enlightened.  I know I was.