Pink's Dragon Tattoo - on her thighYesterday I went and had some tattoos added to my small collection.  People find it surprising that I want to have tattoos and they tend to ask me what made me start in the first place.  Well, it wasn’t just a whim… there is a story behind my ‘ink’.  I was touring with Pink in Europe in 2007 and I had been thinking about getting a tattoo (my first was a pathetic little sun, done with a girlfriend in 1997… we were so brave!)… a real tattoo and I decided that although I would never get a dragon, that the thigh, where Pink wears her most iconic piece, would be the place to do it.  I don’t have legs like hers either but hey, whatever.

It was while we were in Edinburgh on that same tour that I saw exactly what I wanted to have inked on my thigh… beautiful 5 point, perfect stars, wending down the thigh in the same manner as the dragon.  A wardrobe assistant that joined us for a day in Edinburgh had the stars on her shoulder and top of her arm and they were just lovely.   The design I settled on was one I found online, adapted to my liking.  It is taken from one that sailors used to get for good luck.  I extricated most of the tiny stars, completely removed the dots and added some colour.

I am not an exhibitionist when it comes to tattoos and I don’t want them visible to others just by way of everyday dress.  I am more subtle than that so the placement of what I have has been well considered.  I am realistic that people still get judged by others for the way they adorn their bodies with piercings and tattoos.  I no longer have my navel or tongue piercing but again… they were mostly invisible unless I chose to show them.

On December 30, while Justin was still in NZ and after we had discussed separation, I went on my own and had the main work done on my leg.  Yes, it was painful, no I don’t regret and I am happy to report that the majority of people who have seen it think it is great.  To me, it wasn’t quite finished though so yesterday I went and had two tiny stars added to the bottom end of my thigh so that it trailed off nicely and while I was there had a large star done on my back, slightly right of my spine and a lovely wee one with thick outline right up my shoulder.  I love them both.

Thanks Ash from Tattoo Junction, Noosa.  You are polite, a gentleman and even though my work was not exactly challenging, a great artist.

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  • Janette Clark:

    Your recent additions to your December tatts are terrific! You’re a very brave woman indeed!
    You talk of your pathetic little sun, back in 1997. I’ve sometimes felt my little butterfly (2000) is pathetic also. Don’t think I’m ready for any more tatts tho … on the bone friggin’ hurt too much!
    Jc x

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