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Starbucks Coffee MugIt’s quite funny how things happen isn’t it?  This morning I finally remembered to take a travel mug to work at the luscious Tangerine Beach (, at Noosa Marina (, so that I could feel better about not paying for, or having to then dispose of a takeaway cup.  I swear the coffee didn’t taste as good, strangely, but I did feel better for the whole exercise.  Now, this is not just any travel mug.  This is one that we got on the road for Barbra Streisand’s dressing room.  Now, not so much a coffee drinker as a chamomile fan, it was there every single day but I am not sure that it even got used once.  I know the mug even says ‘Starbucks’ but since we don’t have a Starbucks in Noosa, Read the rest of this entry »

Britney/Brittany Episode Glee with Heather MorrisI recently discovered quite by accident when Justin and I were sorting through our tour paraphenalia that Heather Morris, aka Brittany S Pears of Glee fame, wBrittany in Yellow on The Beyonce Experience 2007as one of the dancers on ‘The Beyonce Experience 2007′ which Justin and I were also on.  (One of the dancers on the tour could not have any of her food groups touching anything else on her plate so was always a challenge to serve but I can’t remember if that was Heather or not…)  And not to be rude or anything but it did take the dancers a longer time than anyone else on the tour to realise that we were the same people serving their food every single day and in fact were part of the touring crew!  Funny.  (The dancers and band were all young and most on the road for the first time ever.)

Oh, and by the way, Heather is an amazing dancer… in my opinion better than ‘the’ Britney and by far the best of the Glee crew.  The Britney/Brittany episode blew me away.