The Finn Brothers Royal Albert Hall March 2005I AM going to start from the beginning, I promise and have told myself.  But this one just came to me today and it will always be alive and well in my memory as it was such a sad time.

Look, we worked with plenty of big names during our time as roadies but I was so excited to hear that I was going to be working with the Finn Brothers at the Royal Albert Hall in London, with Bic Runga as Support Act.  There is nothing quite like fellow kiwis when you are abroad.  It just feels like family.

The Finns were scheduled to do shows at the RAH on 28, 29, 30 March followed by one in Portsmouth on 1 April, all as a prelude to further European dates.  But on 26 March fellow Split Enz and Crowded House band member, Paul Hester, committed suicide.

“On 26 March 2005, aged 46, Hester committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in a park near his home. He had split from the mother of his two daughters Olive and Sunday (aged 4 and 10 at the time). Read the rest of this entry »

Britney/Brittany Episode Glee with Heather MorrisI recently discovered quite by accident when Justin and I were sorting through our tour paraphenalia that Heather Morris, aka Brittany S Pears of Glee fame, wBrittany in Yellow on The Beyonce Experience 2007as one of the dancers on ‘The Beyonce Experience 2007′ which Justin and I were also on.  (One of the dancers on the tour could not have any of her food groups touching anything else on her plate so was always a challenge to serve but I can’t remember if that was Heather or not…)  And not to be rude or anything but it did take the dancers a longer time than anyone else on the tour to realise that we were the same people serving their food every single day and in fact were part of the touring crew!  Funny.  (The dancers and band were all young and most on the road for the first time ever.)

Oh, and by the way, Heather is an amazing dancer… in my opinion better than ‘the’ Britney and by far the best of the Glee crew.  The Britney/Brittany episode blew me away.

Cher Farewell Tour 2004My Austrian student, Anna, and I have just been looking through some of my old tour itineraries (the last tour I did was 2008 so they are all ‘old’ now), and I came across a memory from the European leg of the Cher Farewell Tour 2004 (that tour lasted 2.5 years!).  We all, including Cher, went for a sail on a Viking boat out in the harbour of Stockholm – the MOST beautiful city I have to say – and had a great time socialising and living it up on our day off.   (Just to note, this was a tour-funded activity from a generous boss).  When the boat docked in Stockholm  we took some group shots whilst the paparazzi had started to gather waiting for Cher to disembark the boat, much to her displeasure and quite rightly so.  The ‘paps’ managed to hone in on some of the group pics before we had finished and the one featured here ended up in a German gossip magazine called ‘Gala’.

We had a German security crew touring with us for our German tour dates and when we headed back from Scandinavia, back in to Germany I was stopped in a corridor by a one of  security guards who had the magazine and had seen me in the latest issue! Read the rest of this entry »

I was working at Cafe VinCino, great spot at the Noosa Marina, Tewantin last week and a customer asked me what flavour muffins we had for sale that day.  Right next to the muffins there is a blackboard with the day’s flavours written on it.  I pointed that out to her and had to laugh to myself as I remembered telling Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, when he asked me what was for dinner, that ‘the menu is right there’.  Oh, embarrassment as I realised who he was.  He was just so gracious though and read the menu and decided what he would like while I humbly showed him the options as he read.  It was moments like those as a catering roadie that made you want to just shrivel up and become invisible.  Still, one of my colleagues asked Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame for ‘a meal ticket please love’ so I never felt quite so bad after all.


I have so many stories and for the most part, all my experiences on the road were good ones and the people were great.  For obvious reasons they are the ones that I will focus on and they will be recorded in no particular order as they come to mind in conjunction with everyday ‘stuff’ that goes on here.  A lot has come to the surface recently as my husband and I separate and have gone through all our belongings including all our road memorabilia.  It is a shame to split such a collection.


Linkin Park 2008 Tour