Pink - I'n Not Dead TourThere are a couple of stories that I like to tell in particular due to the way that they show the human side to artists that I have toured with.  You hear and read stories via the media which make artists sound untouchable, inhuman, precious and more but when you have the opportunity to talk with them on a level as basic as food and what they need you really do get to experience a normal human being.

I want to say we were somewhere in Austria.  I have clear memories of the venue and the promoter because noone particularly liked her – she was very difficult to deal with – but I never visited the venue again so I am not entirely sure if it was Austria.  Pink ‘I’m Not Dead’ Tour, 2006.  I was working in the dining room when I noticed that people were coming in, past the security guard, through catering and entering the backstage area with no sign of accreditation.  This was a worry since Pink always ate in catering.  she also likes to know who everyone is and if you invited someone to join you for a meal on tour, she was just as likely to walk up and introduce herself to them before you had a chance to do same.  Her tour, her dining room, her crew and she knew every one of them.

During the evening meal, some people came through catering, not wearing laminates, and I stopped them.  I was told they were family members of an employee of the promoter.  I told the security guard that as the ‘artist’ was in catering, noone was to come through there but basically, they were going to do whatever they wanted.  Exasperated, I turned back to the room to continue my work and Pink (Alecia) called me over.  ‘What’s the problem Jo?’  So I explained the issues I had been having with security throughout the day and that people had been accessing the backstage area through catering.  Well, she got up from her meal, left the room and not 2 minutes later returned followed by the Tour Manager, Production Manager and Promoter.  The security guard was replaced immediately and no more troubles were had!  I thanked Pink and said that she was definately the girl to get things done.  She replied with a simple ‘I’ve stood in that line behind security guards my whole life and now it’s my turn to mess with them’.

She is real, she doesn’t forget where she comes from, and she is happy to help in situations just like the above, where she knows she will be listened to.  She also takes no bullshit.  Respect.

*Oh, and for the record, that yellow bikini top that Pink is wearing in the photo… I handstitched the black bra in to the inside of it with my own two hands at rehearsals in Nice when I had time to help out in wardrobe... not bad for a caterer!

3 Responses to “Only Human”

  • Janette Clark:

    Brilliant account of that tour, Jo .. go PiNK!
    Well of course you did some stitching .. you’re great with a needle, thread & fabric AND catering!
    What a wonderful memory for you.

  • Margaret SImpson:

    What an excellent writer you are Jo.
    I can imagine a book with all the lovely fond memories, & ‘others’ too!
    Good stuff.

  • That’s a good story, and indicative of the real person behind the star… I found this with a certain Kate Cebrano, back in the early 80′s. She was generous, and always made sure I was paid for the photographs I took, and made sure I was protected from any pushy fan, or aggresive characters… Good on you Kate…

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