Cher Farewell Tour 2004My Austrian student, Anna, and I have just been looking through some of my old tour itineraries (the last tour I did was 2008 so they are all ‘old’ now), and I came across a memory from the European leg of the Cher Farewell Tour 2004 (that tour lasted 2.5 years!).  We all, including Cher, went for a sail on a Viking boat out in the harbour of Stockholm – the MOST beautiful city I have to say – and had a great time socialising and living it up on our day off.   (Just to note, this was a tour-funded activity from a generous boss).  When the boat docked in Stockholm  we took some group shots whilst the paparazzi had started to gather waiting for Cher to disembark the boat, much to her displeasure and quite rightly so.  The ‘paps’ managed to hone in on some of the group pics before we had finished and the one featured here ended up in a German gossip magazine called ‘Gala’.

We had a German security crew touring with us for our German tour dates and when we headed back from Scandinavia, back in to Germany I was stopped in a corridor by a one of  security guards who had the magazine and had seen me in the latest issue!  Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  There were plenty of other people in the pic… Mark (drummer), Bubba Carr (dancer), Addie Yungmee (dancer), Pork Chop (carpenter), a couple of band members and even Deb, the lighting director but it seemed to be Cher and my big mug that stood out. Huh.  I definately posted that one back for my mum.

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