Jamiroquai Dynamite European TourI have joined the gym here and finally got my act together to actually get there and work out a routine to accommodate regular visits – it’s always that first one!  I grabbed a towel to take with me and, funnily enough, it is a swag item from a tour I did.  Jamiroquai ‘Dynamite’, can’t remember what year but it was a blast.  Jay Kay is a an absolute enigma all on his own but combined with the venues we did… wow, what a tour.  Everyone on the tour was fun and vibrant including the band, backing vocalists and security.

We spent a lot of time in Spain in the middle of summer in that dry Spanish heat… and hanging around waiting for the later show times of 10 or 11pm.  The shows never start early in Spain or Portugal – it’s just too hot and not their way of life.  (They also like to drink during the working day – something that is difficult to curb in the support staff that are working for you… again, it’s their way of life).

Jamiroquai, Dynamite, Roses, SpainThere was one particular show that we did that was on a historical sitein Roses, Spain, with ruins and our dining room was outside under a canopy… the warmest weather, the most glorious of sites with outside staging.  The only crappy part was loading out, pushing road cases over rough ground then showering and getting out of there at the same time that the outdoor car park was emptying.  Some gigs were just like that.  Oh, and that was also the night that Jay Kay kicked one of the speakers off the stage and in to the crowd.  Hmmmmm.

What I was getting to though was that we did some shows in the most incredible bull rings whilst in Spain.  Dressing Rooms and Production Offices were in portables, the kitchen and dining were half inside and half outside… under the archways that surround the ground floor exterior of classic bull ring architecture…. so under cover but in an open space with no doors to close us off from outside.

The summer days goJamiroquai, Dynamite, Toledo, Spain 2005t up to a dry 40 degrees c and there was no breeze.  What made it worse was that the bull rings were still operational so in some there were still beasts being stabled and in one there were dried blood stains on the ground from where the last bull had been slaughtered.  The thought is just awful and it was hard to deal with when killing a beast for sport is not something that I entertain.  Thus, I didn’t see a fight in all the time I spent in Spain.  It certainly drew the flies though.  Cooking in an open environment, with the stabled beasts and dried blood… well the flies were just awful and it was a challenge not to lose it as they stuck to you.   Keeping the food fresh and looking good was difficult even with a packed ice tray… which came in handy at the end of service when it was still stinking hot.  One of the crew spotted my huge rubbish drum full of ice and water emptied from the salad ice tray and promptly put his whole top half in to it!!  It was very tempting but the food scraps and thought of an ice cream headache held me back. Go AFG!

Those nights always ended with ice cold beer, sitting around on road cases watching groupies gather in their after show groups clammering for attention from Jay and the band.  Always entertaining.

 Jamiroquai, Dynamite Spain 2005

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  • Margaret SImpson:

    What a great experience of life. I love reading these stories, especially as they are so well told & true to boot! Hard to believe tho sometimes.
    I really missed my ‘Roadie Daughter’ over those years, but was so very happy she was doing what she loved while seeing the world. Not many have this chance.

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