Halloween in Budapest, Cirque Du Soleil, Delirium, 2007It’s a really gross Sunday afternoon in Noosa.  It has been grey all day with off and on rain…  the perfect soup making day.  I have just turned the oven off – the pumpkin and garlic are perfectly roasted, ready to be blitzed with stock and served with fresh housemade croutons.  YUM.

Years ago I was confident in the kitchen but living with and being married to a chef caused me to withdraw as I always felt what I was doing was being analysed.  Probably not the case because when we were on tour with Cirque Du Soleil, I spent 3 months in the kitchen, under Justin’s direction, creating a spectacular array of salads, dips, mezze, roasting veges, making dressings… doing all my own prep, shopping for ingredients and cooking.  It was the hardest and best experience that the road provided me with.  I honestly do not know how chef’s do it… and I love cooking!  I kept my salad recipe and prep files from that tour and still refer back to them from time to time for inspiration when cooking for others, which I also love to do.  I became much better friends with my kitchen whilst Justin was in Antarctica, watching Jamie Oliver on a Friday night (ok, I stayed home on my own a LOT!) then jumping in to the kitchen while it was still fresh in my mind and whipping up a yummy dinner for myself.   Getting busy in my kitchen now is like a form of therapy for me…. especially when I can share the results with others.

Diouf Brothers, Cirque Du Soleil Delirium, 2007 The Cirque Du Soleil tour itself was fraught with issues, not least because it was the first time ever that a Cirque tour had been taken on the road ‘rock n roll style’ with max 6 days in each city and an experienced rock and roll production crew… and a tour that some reasons I would much rather choose to forget.  What got me thinking about it was a friend posting a photo from Halloween in Budapest, 2007 on that very tour, to my facebook timeline today.  I got photos of everyone else that night but none of Justin and I so was really pleased to see that appear on there.

Cirque Du Soleil Delirium, 2007 One really cool thing that happened on the Delirium tour was that I helped my nephew win a competition at his school for having his school shirt appear in a photo in the most exciting location possible.  I got my brother to post it out to me and although I knew it would have been much more exciting to teenage boys to have had it on the Pink or Bon Jovi tours for example, I decided to do my absolute best to get the best post possible shot.  The artists and performers on the Cirque tour was astonishingly talented and also very accommodating when it came to my request for photos with the school shirt.   There are a number taken at the venue in Mannheim, Germany but it is easy to see why the winning photo of incredible Mary drew an audible gasp from the auditorium full of teenaged boys!

Mary - the winning photo.  Cirque Du Soleil, Delirium 2007

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