Starbucks Coffee MugIt’s quite funny how things happen isn’t it?  This morning I finally remembered to take a travel mug to work at the luscious Tangerine Beach (, at Noosa Marina (, so that I could feel better about not paying for, or having to then dispose of a takeaway cup.  I swear the coffee didn’t taste as good, strangely, but I did feel better for the whole exercise.  Now, this is not just any travel mug.  This is one that we got on the road for Barbra Streisand’s dressing room.  Now, not so much a coffee drinker as a chamomile fan, it was there every single day but I am not sure that it even got used once.  I know the mug even says ‘Starbucks’ but since we don’t have a Starbucks in Noosa,I frequent Cafe VinCino where I also work, and where they make my stupid half strength, skinny mocha without complaining (anymore)… not so much a coffee drinker either, right?

So, thanks Babs for my mug (not really, it belonged to the catering company)… absolutely NO disrepect intended with the name Ms Streisand, but on every tour it seemed weird to say the whole name… Madonna was just ‘M’, Beyonce just ‘B’, Ben Harper just ‘Ben’ (LOL!)… anyway, you get the point.  I am definately going the long way about this story telling thing here BUT, I got my coffee, got the shop open, put on some music… the CD ‘Now – The Hits of Autumn 2011′ was already in the stereo so I just pressed play, and what do you know… the song ‘Barbra Streisand’ by Duck Sauce came on!  I haven’t listened to this CD since I got it pretty much so had forgotten what was on there.  LOVE the song, turned it up, drank my weak arse coffee and just enjoyed.  I have some awesome stories from the Barbra Streisand tour – one of the best ever… 9 gigs in 6 weeks.  Hmmm, hard work?  Not really.  But the most fun tour ever getting out and about in cities around Europe.

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