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Metropolitan Hotel, Park Lane, LondonThis one is from a loooong time ago, before the road and during my first year in London (1997) when I was lucky enough to secure a job at the then super-chic Metropolitan hotel where the male employees wore Armani and the girls wore Donna Karan.  The in-house bar was the infamous members only Met Bar where all the A-listers went and you couldn’t get a membership unless you were in one of the 4 M’s… movies, media, modelling or music.  The in-house restaurant was Nobu (one third owned by Robert DeNiro) and man, was it busy!  Regulars included Tom and Nicole, Elle MacPherson etc.  It is the only restaurant I have ever been to or worked in that has commis waiters that are not allowed to take orders or make recommendations until they knew the menu inside out. Read the rest of this entry »